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Si & Se Writers Collective is an author-centric third-party publisher founded in 2022. We are passionate about helping writers from all walks of life reach their creative dreams and achieve literary success. We provide an array of publishing services to writers looking to self-publish through third party self-publishing vendors. The offered services include editing, writing consultation, publishing guidance and advice, website design, book cover design, and promoting and marketing book content.

Vision Statement 

Si & Se Writers Collective represents the creative minds that make up our society. We want to provide a space where all voices can be heard regardless of writing style or genre. We provide this space by focusing on the collective but centering on individual groups to spotlight diverse groups. Our commitment to you is that we celebrate diversity by acknowledging our differences. All genres welcome.


Mission Statement

Si & Se Writers Collective provides a space where indie creatives thrive in all aspects of the publishing arena by providing an inclusive experience tailored to our writers' desired goals regardless of race, color, culture, or creed.

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