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Si & Se Writers Collective Publishing company operates as a third-party publishing company. Although there are many self-publishing companies that offer the same services or services-in-kind, we are the only company that offers a publishing label to legitimize an author’s work. Additionally, we are a Veteran, minority, and women owned small business.

Let's Work Together

At Si & Se Writers Collective, we are always working hard to publish and promote new books. Browse some of our upcoming titles on our Collective Works page!

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Editing and Proofreading

grammar, sentence mechanics, punctuation, story checking

-$50 per 1000 words



assistance with publishing-$150


Utilization of Si & Se Writers Collective Logo

Si & Se Writer Collective Logo with approval of book concept-$200


Book Cover Design



Writing Consultation



Graphic Design

cost subject to referral


Voice Actors

cost subject to referral

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